This is what’s happening to me

Со мною вот что происходит


Genre: Melodrama
Duration: 75mins
Director: Viktor Shamirov
Cast: Gosha Kutsenko, Viktor Shamirov, Alexandra Petrova, Olesya Zheleznyak

It is New Year’s Eve and Moscow is full of typical traffic jams. Everyone is rushing like mad, all to no avail.  Conversations about trivial things… A father, who has nothing to live for and for whom nothing can be done and a 15 year old girl who has ambitions to become an oncologist or perhaps a food-designer.  What was and what will be.  This is what’s happening to me, is a bittersweet lyric tale, set to the music of Tariverdiev (Irony of Fate – a 1970s Soviet cult classic); remembering the good old days, a time when the “irony of fate” could literally comfort and reassure that there is a new and happy life in the new year.

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