All that Jam (2015)

Весь этот Джем

GENRE: Romantic Comedy
DURATION: 92mins
DIRECTOR: Alexander Andranikian
CAST: Martin Dingle Wall, Julia Dzutseva, Vasily Mikhailov, Leonid Kuravlev, Svetlana Khodchenkova

Upon discovering her boyfriend is married, Paullina decides to travel to the picturesque countryside and visit her grandmother, Katya. On arrival she discovers the entire village is helping her grandmother rehearse her funeral. The absurdity only spirals further out of control when American movie star Michael Berkely arrives. Infatuated with Katya’s gooseberry jam he’s on a quest to find the recipe. This romantic comedy combines the absurd with the heartfelt and is sure to tug on audience’s heart strings. In true Russian Resurrection style, the Australians have made an impact upon the Russian film industry, with Australian actor Martin Dingle Wall being a torch bearer in this light-hearted Russian film.


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