House for Rent – Inconveniences included (2016)

Сдается домик со всеми неудобствами

GENRE: Comedy/Melodrama
DURATION: 90mins
DIRECTOR: Vera Storozheva
CAST: Svetlana Khodchenkova, Nina Dvorzhetskaya, Victoria Isakova, Irina Pegova, Polina Simacheva

An adventurous broker has rented out a seaside cottage for several families at once forcing them to share their holidays with each other. Soon one mishap will lead to a tangle of disasters when the owner of the cottage, who has no idea that his friend has rented out the house, rocks up and makes it one full house! This packed house adventure, true to Chekhovian style and directed by Vera Storozheva (Travelling with Pets, My Boyfriend is an Angel), is a winner.


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