Icebreaker (2016)


GENRE: Action
DURATION: 120mins
DIRECTOR: Nikolai Homeriki
CAST: Pyotr Fyodorov, Sergei Puskepalis, Anna Mikhalkova, Olga Filimonova, Alexander Yatsenko

Icebreaker is based on real events that took place in 1985. A huge iceberg stands in the way of icebreaker “Mikhail Gromov”. Avoiding collision, the ship nonetheless falls into an ice trap and is forced to drift near the coast of Antarctica. The crew of “Gromov” spent 133 days of polar night trying to find a way out of ice trap. The ominous silence and freezing temperatures create an eerie atmosphere that plunges audiences right into the middle of a lethal situation. Huge icebergs, little fuel and freezing temperatures mean that just one wrong decision will lead to a deadly end for the entire crew. From the makers of Metro (2013), this is a big budget disaster movie with an all-star cast. Viewers should strap themselves in tightly.


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