Ivan the Terrible Parts I and II (1944)

Иван Грозный

GENRE: Drama
DIRECTOR: Sergei Eisenstein
CAST: Nikolay Cherkasov, Serafima Birman, Lyuidmilla Tselikovskaya

Ivan the Terrible I & II are the uncompleted relics of Soviet Film History. Created for Stalin out of his admiration of Ivan, and directed by Soviet film legend Sergei Eisenstein, the film is a historical epic about the life of one of Russia’s greatest Tsars. Part II was banned on Stalin’s orders due to Ivan’s depiction which inevitably led to the cancellation of Part III. However, Comrade Stalin is no longer around to stop you from watching the story of Ivan’s reign unfold. This intricate look at one of history’s most influential and revolutionary figures is sure to have you engaged and wanting more. This remastered classic gives great insight into the thinking behind the Soviet regime and is not to be missed by history buffs!


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