Love in the USSR (2012)

Любовь в СССР

GENRE: Comedy-Melodrama
DURATION: 89mins
DIRECTOR: Karen Shakhnazarov
CAST: Alexander Lyapin, Lidia Milyuzina, Egor Baranovsky, Ivan Jupreenko, Olga Tumaikina

Love in the USSR is a redacted and re-titled version of Shakhnazarov’s own production Vanished Empire (2008). Several scenes were deleted, remaining ones rearranged, and a totally new music score was added. Set in Moscow in the 1970s. This coming of age story involves three young students, in a love triangle - two guys and a girl – they fight, they argue, they make up, and together they face their first disappointments and moments of joy. Love in the USSR depicts the heyday of the Soviet State at the peak of its power, which also marks the starting point of its collapse. Karen Shakhnazarov’s personal film is a delicate study of this imminent and irrevocably passing era.


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