About Love. Adults Only (2017)

Про любовь. Только для взрослых

Genre: Comedy
Duration: 108mins
Director: Nigina Sayfullayeva, Pavel Ruminov, Yevgeniy Shelyakin, Natalya Merkulova, Rezo Gigineishvili, Alexey Chup
Cast: Anna Mikhalkova, Gosha Kutsenko, Yuri Kolokolnikov, Fedor Bondarchuk, Ingeborga Dapkunaite

Moscow, summer 2016. A new lecture, a new guest lecturer (non other than renowned American actor and director, John Malkovich) and a new theme: “How to preserve love in the modern world” – five short stories about love. Some hilarious, some moving, all thought-provoking! The heroes suffer, struggle for love and often find themselves in absurd and ridiculous situations. Yet their trust in love, is even more real. Recommended for adults only, About Love is a must-see.

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