Aelita (1924)


Genre: Silent Film (Sci-Fi)
Duration: 82mins
Director: Yakov Protazanov
Cast: Yulia Solntseva, Igor Ilyinsky, Nikolai Batalov, Nikolai Tseretelli

Aelita is one of the greatest sci-fi films of world cinema. This imaginative, visually striking 1924 Soviet space epic will be performed with an innovative new score and reinterpretation by the renowned Volotinsky Quartet. The stunning design and tragi-comic tale of a journey to Mars to escape from a crime of passion makes Aelita a prime focal point with which to mark 100 years since The Revolution.

This is a story of Aelita, Queen of the Mars. She is bored with her dull  - and chaste - life among Martian aristocrats and wishes to learn earthly passions, especially those involving kissing. The Red Planet is ripe for revolution.

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