Gloss (2007)


Genre: Melodrama
Duration: 117mins
Director: Andrei Konchalovsky
Cast: Yulia Vysotskaya, Irina Rozanova, Aleksandr Domogarov

The Russian title of the film - Glianets - refers to all things stunning on the glossy pages of popular magazines. A bitter comedy about sweet life, the film follows Galia (Yulia Vysotskaya), a seamstress from Rostov who moves to Moscow in the hope of becoming rich and famous. Galia’s dreams are shattered at Beauty magazine where she is told that she does not have a model’s physique. Galia returns to her former profession, but this time she is making “the best buttonholes in the country” for a famous designer. But Galia’s adventures with the fashion world take a number of sharp, unexpected turns in her pursuit of fame. Described by some as a Russian spin on The Devil Wears Prada, the film is a canny satire on the modern fixation with fashion and celebrity culture.

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