Nest of the Gentry (1969)

Дворянское Гнездо

Genre: Drama, Literary Adaptation
Duration: 105mins
Director: Andrei Konchalovsky
Cast: Irina Kupchenko, Leonid Kulagin, Beata Tyszkiewicz, Vasili Merkuryev, Nikolai Gubenko, Nikita Mikhalkov

Lavretsky returns to his estate in Russia after years in Paris. He falls in love with Liza, the charming young daughter of his cousin. But, as a married man, he is afraid to confess his love. Lavretsky learns about his wife’s death in Paris from the newspapers. He is full of hope for a life of happiness, and it seems quite possible that Liza will accept him. However, the unexpected arrival in Russia of his “resurrected wife” puts an end to his plan. Faithfully based on Ivan Turgenev’s novel, this is a vivid representation of a lovely, mournful yet idealised world.

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