Ice (2018)


Genre: Drama
Duration: 113mins
Director: Oleg Trofim
Cast: Darya Tarasova, Alexander Petrov, Milos Bikovic, Kseniya Rappoport, Maria Aronova

Ever since Nadya was a little girl she believed in miracles. She dreamt of becoming a figure skater, walking out on the ice and performing her most beautiful dance routine to a standing ovation. Through hard work, faith and perseverance, Nadya becomes a famous figure skater. But just when her dreams of glorious victories, a beautiful life and her very own Prince Charming are about to come true, the ice cracks beneath her. She is left broken and alone. In order to survive she must dream again - as she did in her childhood but she must work harder than ever. Thankfully she has people around her who believe in miracles... A magical, contemporary musical, against-all-odds sporting melodrama that was a huge hit at the Russian box office earlier this year with its Valentine's Day release.

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