I’m Losing Weight (2018)

Я худею

Genre: Romantic Comedy
Duration: 102mins
Director: Alexei Nuzhny
Cast: Aleksandra Bortich, Irina Gorbacheva, Sergei Shnurov, Evgenii Kulik

Anna’s (Aleksandra Bortich) life is consumed by two passions: her athletic boyfriend Zhenya, and food. However, it is because of her love of food that Zhenya leaves her for a more attractive young model, whilst Anya goes on a spiral of self-loathing. It is a good thing though, that she has friends and enlists her fellow food-lover Nick to help her lose weight in return for love and happiness. Anya is determined to get her boyfriend back and so she encounters all manner of strange obstacles and unexpected discoveries. This is a delightful romantic comedy not only about the difficulties of losing weight, but of staying true to oneself with terrific, heartfelt performances by Bortich, Kulik, Gorbacheva and Shnurov. Unlike other makeover film narratives, acclaimed comedy director Alexei Nuzhnyi presents a sophisticated view of the changes required for happiness and they are far from skin deep.

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