Never Say Goodbye (2018)

Прощаться не будем

Genre: WAR
Duration: 114mins
Director: Pavel Drozdov
Cast: Andrei Merzlikin, Alyona Chekhova, Artur Vaha, Anatoly Gushin, Anna Churina

October, 1941. The might of the German army is descending on Tver in order to capture it and advance directly on Moscow. Only two thousand people with few supplies are faced with the choice of protecting their hometown, fleeing or being destroyed. Saboteurs, sensing the fall of the Red Army are busy paving the way for the invaders. The town is on edge. Everyone is trying to uncover the saboteurs. Struggling to keep order in the town, Major Pavel Sysoev unwittingly becomes a suspect. This is a complex character study of people on the edge trying to decide whether to fight for a doomed town or escape to save themselves. There are no simple answers. A dynamic mix of action adventure and a war-time thriller that is also a complex portrayal of how people under incredible pressure and fear do not stop being human, loving and caring with absolute passion and abandon. A high stakes dramatic WW2 thriller.

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