The Soul Conductor (2018)


Genre: Thriller/Horror
Duration: 91mins
Director: Ilya Maksimov
Cast: Aleksandra Bortich, Yevgeniy Tsiganov, Alexander Robak, Vyacheslav Razbegaev, Vladimir Yaglich

Katya is a gloomy 22-year-old with a mysterious gift – she can see ghosts. Her ability leads to her becoming duty-bound to help earthbound souls find peace and move on to the next life. Katya has a twin sister who suddenly disappears, so Katya embarks on a search to find her sister. Investigators in the case try to convince Katya that her sister never existed and that she is simply suffering from strange hallucinations. Katya on the other hand believes that her missing sister is a victim of a maniac killer and that she must find and save her sister before falling deeper into a psychotic break. Reminiscent of the TV Series The Ghost Whisperer with Jennifer Love-Hewitt, this thriller, come horror-fantasy includes thrilling twists and drama throughout. The Soul Conductor is a strange little film which explores the fine line between reality and imagination and stars rising star Aleksandra Bortich as the lead Katya; the film will be screening at the Festival before its wide-release in Russia.

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