Tutor (2018)

Ваш репетитор

Genre: Drama - Romance
Duration: 85mins
Director: Anton Kolomeyets
Cast: Natalia Vdovina, Alexey Sergeev

Film director prodigy Anton Kolomeyets’s feature-length directorial debut is a stunningly realistic tale about one young man’s transition to adulthood, filled with love, loss, disappointment, frustration and optimism. This film depicts the forbidden love of young 17-year old Savva and his 45-year old tutor Anna, which becomes further complicated when the adolescent escapades of young Savva begin to affect the love-longing Anna. This melodramatic film will remind viewers of their youth and the freedom of youth shown in Risky Business, but has a dark psychological message conveyed through the exploration of the emotional maturity of the two main characters. 

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