Sydney | Event Cinemas George Street Sydney | 1 Nov - 11 Nov

Thursday 1 November (Opening)
6:30pm The Coach

Friday 2 November
6.30pm I’m Losing Weight
Q&A with actress Aleksandra Bortich
8.45pm Selfie
Q&A with actor Konstantin Khabenskiy

Saturday 3 November
2.30pm Ice
5.00pm Tutor
7.00pm In The Hood
Q&A with director Olga Zueva
9.15pm The Soul Conductor
Q&A with actress Aleksandra Bortich

Sunday 4 November
2.00pm Lady With A Little Dog
3.50pm Summer
6.15pm The Challenge
9.00pm Jumpman

Monday 5 November
6.30pm Hamlet
9.15pm Night Shift

Tuesday 6 November
7.00pm Pagans
9.00pm Ice

Wednesday 7 November
6.30pm Witnesses
8.45pm The Soul Conductor

Thursday 8 November
7.00pm Jumpman
9.00pm The Challenge

Friday 9 November
6.45pm The Last Warrior
9.10pm In The Hood

Saturday 10 November
2.30pm Lively Voyage
4.30pm Marriage
6.45pm Night Shift
9.00pm Selfie

Sunday 11 November
12.30pm Pagans
2.30pm I’m Losing Weight
4.45pm Never Say Goodbye
7.00pm The Cranes Are Flying (Closing)