Another Woman (2019)

Давай разведемся

Genre: Comedy
Duration: 97mins
Director: Anna Parmas
Cast: Anna Mikhalkova, Anton Filipenko, Svetlana Kaminina, Maxim Lagashkin, Fyodor Lavrov

Masha is a successful gynaecologist, married to Misha, and together they have two small children. Masha’s successful life has her completely consumed in her work until it all comes crashing down when she discovers that her husband has been having an affair with his twenty-something fitness trainer. Her life begins to spiral as she struggles to balance work, child-rearing and navigating the breakdown of her marriage. Desperate to keep her family together, Masha becomes determined to win back her husband and is willing to use any means necessary to do so, including mystical powers. Who will win and take the main prize? This feature-length comedy debut for Anna Parmas is full of witty punchlines, twists and turns and superb performances.

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