Hero (2019)


Genre: Spy-Action
Duration: 125mins
Director: Karen Oganesyan
Cast: Alexander Petrov, Vladimir Mashkov, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Konstantin Lavronenko, Jan Alabushev, Marina Petrenko

Andrei did not have an ordinary childhood. Whilst most teens were out at the movies and loitering around shopping malls, Andrei was training at a Secret Service school that prepared teenagers to be special agents. Andrei eventually settles in Europe and cuts his ties with Russia.  Fifteen year later, Andrei’s father who was believed to be dead calls him to say that secret agents are out to get Andrei and they want him dead. Andrei begins running and is driven not only by the will to survive, but also by the desire to track down his father. His lover has his back, but like most spies, she also has an ulterior motive. Andrei is on the run for his life, but he is getting sucked into a tricky spy-game faster than he ever imagined.

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