How I Became a Russian (2019)

Как я стал русским

Genre: Romantic Comedy
Duration: 100mins
Director: Xia Hao & Akaki Sakhelashvili
Cast: Dun Chan, Elizaveta Kononova, Sergey Chirkov, Vitaliy Khaev

To please the father of a bride is never an easy task for a potential suitor… When Irene returns home to Moscow with her new Chinese boyfriend, Peng, he is faced with the enormous task of winning over her traditional Russian strongman father, Anatoliy. Peng arrives determined to prove to his prospective father-in-law that he is worthy of Irene, but Anatoliy has other ideas. Peng is forced to endure drinking contests, steam-offs in the banya, ice baths and even a tank battle! With Irene’s love on the line – it’s a showdown for the ages that goes to prove that sometimes love really is a battlefield. Adapted from the hit TV series, this Russian-Chinese rom-com is a laugh-out-loud insight into modern courting rituals!

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