Mistresses (2019)


Genre: Comedy
Duration: 97mins
Director: Elena Hazanov
Cast: Paulina Andreeva, Aleksandra Bortich, Yulia Aleksandrova, Maria Shalayeva, Sergey Garmash

Three smart, beautiful women walk into a bar. One is a nurse, the other a student and the third is an actress. They find out that all of them have just broken up with cheating boyfriends. They make a pact to take revenge on their former lovers. Successful in their plans and feeling a new sense of empowerment, they commit to helping out other women in similar situations. The girls decide to form a secret society to use their skills and ingenuity to help other women and punish their philandering husbands because there are thousands of girls just like them. They find an individual approach to help each of their ‘clients’ to avenge their cheating partners. But the secret society avenging angels soon recognise that vengeance is not always the best approach… a dynamic, high-jinx comedy.


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