Odessa (2019)


Genre: Drama
Duration: 130mins
Director: Valery Todorovsky
Cast: Leonid Yarmolnik, Evgeniy Tsyganov, Irina Rozanova, Kseniya Rappoport, Evgeniya Brik, Veronika Ustinova

Odessa, August 1970. In the midst of a heatwave, journalist and foreign-affairs specialist Boris and his eight-year-old son Valery travel from Moscow to visit Boris’ in-laws ahead of his wife to enjoy some time with the grandparents Grigori and Raisa and their two daughters who frequently clash heads in a household that is always at an emotional boiling point.  Disaster strikes with a cholera outbreak throwing Odessa into a quarantine and the city is closed off. Cabin fever soars as the family are locked in trying to avoid catching cholera. Family secrets are disclosed, old wounds are revealed and a forbidden love starts throwing everything into even greater chaos. Valery Todorovsky’s (Hipsters, Bolshoi) Odessa is a celebration of a wonderful city and its culture on the eve of massive social changes. With a cast of superb actors the film explores what it means to be a part of a large, complex and loving family.

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