Outbreak (2019)


Genre: Thriller
Duration: 91mins
Director: Pavel Kostomarov
Cast: Kyrill Käro, Viktoria Isakova, Alexander Robak, Marianna Spivak, Alexander Yatsenko

An intense family drama set against the backdrop of a global catastrophe, Outbreak portrays an unknown virus that quickly paralyzes Moscow. Sergey, accompanied by his new lover, her autistic son, as well as his ex-wife, his own son, and several other companions are trying to escape beyond the borders of the quarantine. They are on the road to a hunting lodge on a remote island where they can begin life anew. However, their escape is only half their problems are they must learn to live with each other.  Based on the bestselling book, Vongozero by Yana Vagner and translated into eleven languages, this film is a surefire hit.
Outbreak was included in the main competition of this year’s international CanneSeries festival. This is the first feature fiction film by the celebrated documentary director and cinematographer Pavel Kostomarov.

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