The Wedding (2000)


Genre: Melodrama
Duration: 114mins
Director: Pavel Lungin
Cast: Marat Basharov, Mariya Mironova, Andrey Panin, Alexander Semchev

In this hilarious comedy, Mishka like most of his neighbours works as a miner. Years ago, Mishka was in love with Tanya, a beautiful girl who moved to Moscow to become a model. After five years in the big city, Tanya returns and tells Mishka that she wants to marry him. Mishka is thrilled and starts planning a big wedding, though his parents worry about what the bride-to-be was up to while she was in Moscow. Big problem though is that no one at the mine has been paid for six months. However, on the wedding day, the money finally arrives and soon half the town is celebrating Mishka and Tania's wedding. As the vodka begins to flow and friends and relatives arrive, absolute chaos ensues in a classic Russian wedding.

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