Captain Volkonogov Escaped (2021)

Капитан Волконогов бежал

Genre: Drama, Espionage Thriller
Duration: 120mins
Director: Natasha Merkulova, Aleksey Chupov
Cast: Yuriy Borisov, Timofey Tribuntsev, Aleksandr Yatsenko, Vladimir Epifantsev, Viktoriya Tolstoganova, Natalya Kudryashova, Nikita Kukushkin


  • The winner of the Golden Lion from the 78th Venice Film Festival.

A fast-paced thriller set in the USSR during the Great Terror. Captain Volkonogov serves in the NKVD – a Soviet law enforcement agency. He is trusted and respected by his colleagues. But one day he is accused of criminal activity. He escapes arrest, but witnesses how quickly his reputation is destroyed and how his friends turn on him. He realises that he has only one chance to change his fate… if he can find just one victim who would forgive him his crimes.

Sydney Fri 28 Oct—7:00pm​ | Buy tickets​ *Opening night
Melbourne Fri 28 Oct—6:30pm  | Buy tickets *Opening night