Desperate for Marriage (2022)

Хочу замуж

Genre: Romantic Comedy
Duration: 106mins
Director: Sonya Karpunina
Cast: Milos Bikovic, Kristina Asmus, Evgeniya Akhremenko, Marina Aleksandrova

In this sunny romantic comedy, it seems as though every beautiful young person wants to get married. Everything is going according to plan for Lyuba: she works as a popular TV host and has a rich and successful fiancée. But her plan falls apart when Lyuba’s phone dies. She asks a random passer-by to use his phone. The passer-by, whose name is Sergei, has been leading a quiet, introspective life. But that is all about to change. Their chance encounter triggers a series of outrageous events that will change their lives forever in a complex game of finding and keeping that special feeling of love…

Sydney Sun 30 Oct—2:30pm | Buy tickets​
Melbourne Sun 30 Oct—2:30pm  | Buy tickets​