The Land of Sasha (2022)

Страна Саша

Genre: Drama, Romance
Duration: 88mins
Director: Yuliya Trofimova
Cast: Mark Eydelshteyn, Maria Matsel, Dmitriy Endaltsev, Evgeniia Gromova, Alisa Tarasenko, Darya Rumyantseva

As soon as Sasha finishes school his mother pressures him to enrol into university. Sasha is a good boy, but he lives in the moment and has no plans other than to paint and hone his graffiti skills with his friend Max. And maybe get to know his father who abandoned him as a kid. But then, he meets the weirdly wonderful Zhenya and his life starts to change. Enjoying the freewheeling freedom of summer in Kaliningrad, they explore their feelings, talents and fears together.

Sydney Sun 30 Oct—5:00pm | Buy tickets​
Melbourne Sun 30 Oct—4:45pm | Buy tickets​