The Servant (2020)


Genre: Comedy
Duration: 109mins
Director: Klim Shipenko
Cast: Milos Bikovic, Vadim Demchog, Ivan Okhlobystin, Aleksandra Bortich, Aleksandr Samoylenko

Russian smash-hit comedy about a spoilt rich kid who as the son of an oligrach  is so caught up in his pampered lifestyle that he thinks he is above the law. When he goes too far with his escapades and faces a real jail sentence, his father takes radical measures. With the help of an old buddy, a psychologist, he comes up with a plan to 'rehabilitate' his unruly son. They find an abandoned village and reconstruct it, 19th century style. They create a sophisticated psychological experiment where this spoilt rich kid gets 'reincarnated' as a serf. All the people he meets there are hired actors whose job is to transform his personality in such a way as to turn his life around. There are hidden surveillance cameras hidden in every corner of the 'estate', and a team of psychologists watch his every move. In order to survive he will have to learn how to talk politely, to appreciate life's simple pleasures, and to do honest work. It is no easy path to turning your life around.

Sydney Thu 9 Dec—6:45pm​ | Buy tickets
Brisbane Sun 12 Dec—4:15pm​ | Buy tickets​​
Melbourne Fri 17 Dec—6:45pm​ | Buy tickets​

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