Koschey – The Bride Thief (2022)

Кощей. Похититель невест

Genre: Family animation
Duration: 77mins
Director: Roman Artemyev
Cast: Roman Artemyev, Elizaveta Boyarskaya, Viktor Dobronravov

For some reason, forever young and always immaculately dressed, Prince of Darkness, Koschey has been unable to find a bride for three hundred years. He intimidated, and kidnapped and turned various princesses into frogs, but not one of these courting rituals helped the Prince find his Princess. But will the beautiful Varvara, who fights off all her wanna-be suitors, break his dark, cold heart? 

Sydney Sat 29 Oct—2:00pm | Buy tickets​
Melbourne Sat 29 Oct—3:30pm | Buy tickets​