Love with an Accent

Любовь с акцентом


Genre: Romantic Comedy
Duration: 100mins
Director: Rezo Gigineishvili
Cast: Philip Yankovsky, Svetlana Bondarchuk, Nadezhda Mikhalkova, Anna Mikhalkova

A film about a love that is passionate and effervescent, mature and ruthless, naive and outrageous. This deliciously optimistic, multi-stranded romantic comedy is fast-paced and full of dramatic turmoil. The various plotlines are interwoven into one great ironic comedy about true love that knows no borders, no laws and no nationalities. An unhappy Lithuanian woman on hearing of the extraordinary fertility of Georgian men immediately flies to Georgia to find a husband. A young Russian man travels to a remote Caucasus mountain village to meet his fiancée’s gun-wielding family. A shy Georgian man sells his apartment in order to buy a million roses for his beloved, but she is not home when the flowers arrive. A celebrity couple are on the verge of divorce but change their mind after rekindling their love for one another during a series of adventures in the Georgian mountains. The first Russian-Georgian co-production in years, this series of interwoven romantic adventures ignores recent conflicts and presents Russian-Georgian relations as one big colourful festival.

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