Russian Resurrection is celebrating its tenth anniversary. For ten years we have been growing and expanding Russian cinema and culture Australia-wide to become one of the oldest, largest and most respected Russian film festivals outside of Russia. Every year our audiences are growing. No longer are only Russian speakers coming to see the broad range of films but new audiences are evolving. The Russian film industry far from contracting has continued to expand with more films and a growing domestic audience. This has made our job selecting films all the more difficult, but hopefully that means our audience will be deeply satisfied. So in 2013 feast your eyes on…

The best of the Russian box office successes (Legend No. 17, SoulLess, The Snow Queen), some hilarious comedies (Love with an Accent, Short Stories, Artefact and Gentlemen of Fortune) moving dramas (The Conductor, I Will Be Near), documentary (Anton’s Right Here), psychological thrillers (The Iron Butterfly and For Marx) as well as Russia’s first disaster movie Metro. Continuing the strong relationship that the Russian Resurrection Film Festival enjoys with the Russian film industry, this year we boast two world premieres, Marathon and The Geographer screening in Australia prior to their Russian release. And that is only a sneak peak of the new films screening in the program this year.

In keeping with tradition, retrospectives will also make up the program for 2013, only this year, we feature two retrospectives. The first is our tribute to renowned director Valery Todorovsky. We will showcase most of the catalogue of films that Valery made for the big screen, including festival force-de-majors The Lover and My Stepbrother Frankenstein, the brilliant and colourful Hipsters, as well as sentimental favorites Under Moscow Nights and The Land of the Deaf. Our second retrospective is titled Comedies from our Childhood. Thanks to Mosfilm we have selected four of the finest Soviet comedies that will remind audiences as to what made the Soviet Union laugh.

A special thanks to all our sponsors who continue to support this unique and memorable event. Thanks also to Palace Cinemas and Event Cinemas for putting to the big screen Russian cinematic gems. And ten years would not have been possible without the support of John Cole and Greg Dolgopolov. Thank you gentlemen!

Russian Resurrection – experience the best of new and classic Russian Cinema. Let the Resurrection Continue!