Me Too

Я тоже хочу


Genre: Art-house Drama
Duration: 89mins
Director: Alexei Balabanov
Cast: Alexander Mosin, Oleg Garkusha, Yuri Matveev, Alisa Shitikova, Alexei Balabanov

Me Too is the last film made by controversial Russian director Alexei Balabanov who passed away tragically on 18 May 2013. The film boasts a storyline similar to Tarkovksy’s Stalker that features a group of disparate men going into a physically and spiritually dangerous “zone”.  Five notorious characters - a bandit, a punk rocker, a prostitute and a racist ex-army officer and his father – set out in a large black car to a mythical bell tower situated in a desolate area with Chernobyl-like levels of radiation.  All they seek is to find the answer to their hopes, prayers and dreams. And depending on your take of this journey, Balabanov may have made another masterpiece to rival his Brother (1997) War (2002) and Morphine (2008). The outspoken director had a cynical view of modern Russia and this is essential to appreciating his “last” film.  Aleksei Balabanov was awarded the “Best Director” award for this film at the recent St Petersburg International Film Festival.

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