Genre: Drama
Duration: 105mins
Director: Roman Prigunov
Cast: Danila Kozlovsky, Maria Andreeva, Artem Mikhalkov, Nikita, Panfilov, Artur Smolyaninov

Max (Danila Kozlovsky) is a 29-year-old senior manager in a large international bank. He owns an expensive car and a stylish penthouse. Max is a regular on the Moscow party scene and his girlfriends are celebrities and models. Max’s life is great. He is devoted to making money. He then snorts it or blows it all in a whirl of hedonism and glamour. But when he meets Yulia and her friends, a group of young activists who organise public protests and art events, Max begins to radically change. He starts to realise that his life is empty and meaningless; the people who surround him are stupid and dishonest. As a result of his internal crisis, Max loses everything, but with that he gains something special… An incredibly perceptive analysis of Moscow’s youth values and dreams.

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