The Geographer

Географ пропил глобус


Genre: Drama
Director: Alexander Veledinskiy
Cast: Konstantin Khabensky, Alexander Robak, Elena Lyadova, Evgeniya Khirivskaya

A world premiere! Yet to be released in Russia. Alexander Veledinsky’s tragicomedy The Geographer Has Guzzled Away His Globe is a movie based on the eponymous novel by Alexei Ivanov and starring renowned actor Konstantin Khabensky (The Admiral, Miracle, Wanted). Biologist Viktor Sluzhkin, pressed for money, finds a job as a teacher of geography at a school in the city of Perm. He battles with the schoolchildren and principal, struggles to raise his daughter and tries to cope with all of life’s little disturbances, including falling for one of his own students.  The Geographer is a thought-provoking storyline, combined with a moving score and breathtaking cinematography. It is an ordinary story but one told with such recklessness, such tenderness, such acuteness that it has become a story about everyone who lost his way in life, about everyone who sometimes felt as desperately lonely as Viktor Sluzhkin, about everyone who, despite their solitude and depression, never lost the capacity to feel and to love.

Major Prize at Festival Kinotavr Winner 2013 - "The geographer” by Alexander Veledinsky - []


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