It is no doubt a difficult year to stage a Festival of Russian cinema.  However this year, more than any other, the role the Russian Resurrection Festival plays is particularly important.  It is through a varied and uncompromising presentation of Russian culture that we can provide audiences with the diversity of voices and ideas that are present in Russian cinema and society. It is through cultural engagement that we can foster dialogue. It is through cinema that we can reach a deeper understanding of Russia and enhance the conversation.
We’re into our 11th big year in Australia and heading across the seas to New Zealand for the [Read more...]

Traditional Opening Night After Party

Includes Film & After Party with Russian-themed food, Vodka cocktails, other drinks and live Russian entertainment! "Year-in-year out our patrons rave about our opening night parties as being by far the best of any other film festival".

We look forward to enjoying a great night with you, Russian Style!

Tickets available at the participating cinema in your city

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CANBERRA28 OCT - 5 NOVdetails
SYDNEY30 OCT - 9 NOVdetails
BRISBANE06 - 16 NOVdetails
PERTH06 - 12 NOVdetails
ADELAIDE07 - 09 NOVdetails
MELBOURNE13 - 23 NOVdetails