Шагал Малевич


Duration: 119mins
Director: Alexander Mitta
Cast: Leonid Bichevin, Kristina Shnaiderman, Anatoly Beliy, Semyon Shkalikov

From legendary director Alexander Mitta comes the story of the great painter Marc Chagall. The film recreates the magical world of Marc Chagall and his myth within the genre of a folk ballad. We are not exploiting Chagall’s images, but are attempting to create a dramatised projection of his creativity onto the movie screen, relying on both, facts and fantasy.

The story is based on real events which occurred at the time of Chagall’s short-lived Vitebsk “commissariat” in 1917-18, during which time he created the Academy of Modern Art and encountered his contemporary and total opposite, Kazimir Malevich. The music, editing and eccentric acting all intertwine to create a memorable cinematic experience, inspired by Chagall’s actual life dreams of a bright and beautiful future. Many artistic works by Chagall and Malevich were used in creating the film.

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