Кухня в Париже


Genre: Comedy
Duration: 106mins
Director: Dmitry Dyachenko
Cast: Dmitry Nazarov, Mark Bogatiryev, Elena Podkaminskaya, Dmitry Nagiev, Oleg Tabakov

A culinary romantic comedy. The fashionable ‘Claude Monet’ restaurant is thriving. Vika and Maxim are planning on celebrating their belated wedding, but their plans are suddenly changed when the restaurant is selected to host high level talks between the Presidents of Russia and France. But after an unfortunate organisational failure, the owner and restaurant staff are forced into ‘exile’… in Paris. The move brings new flavours, new challenges and new competition – not just in haute cuisine, but also in love. There is a need to save the restaurant’s reputation, feed the Presidents and overcome numerous obstacles. Bon appétit!

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