Genre: Arthouse Drama
Duration: 95mins
Director: Alexander Kott
Cast: Elena An, Danila Rassomakhin, Karim Pakachakov, Narinman Bekbulatov-Areshev

Awarded the best film prize at the 2014 Kinotavr Film Festival, Test is a story about the first nuclear bomb test which was conducted in Semipalatinsk in 1949. No one imagined at that time where that would lead.  A father and daughter live in the steppe and nothing it seems can derail their routine life. The father goes to work and the daughter stays at home.  And then something appears far on the horizon… something hideously beautiful…something terrifying… an explosion. Test is  a film without words.  As the director Alexander Kott said about the film: “…have you noticed that when somebody is really close to you, you don’t need many words to communicate, you communicate with glances, gestures, and actions. Sometimes silent communication means much more than empty conversations.  This film is for those who love looking, for those who remember that the cinema is, before all, an image. And when cinema was invented, it was without words.”

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