Genre: Historic Epic
Duration: 114mins
Director: Anton Sivers
Cast: Svetlana Hodchenkova, Dmitry Solomikin, Alexei Barabash, Alexander Golubev

Vasilisa is a grand historic epic brimming with lavish costumes, large scale battle scenes, a sweeping score and of course a traditional love story set against a vast and snow-covered panoramic backdrop. Vasilisa and Ivan love each other, but fate is against them.

He is from the gentry, while she is a serf. This love story could have easily ended here, if it not for THE devastatION OF WAR. With Napoleon's invasion of Russia everything changes - class prejudices and the norms of human behaviour fade into insignificance and the world is never the same again.

It becomes blood and death, treachery and heroism. Yet this crucible gives Vasilisa an opportunity to assert herself. She becomes the leader of a partisan group whilst Ivan risks his life in military operations with the army. War writes a new narrative where victory becomes the triumph of love.

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