Sinbad: Pirates of the Seven Storms (2016)

Cинбад: Пираты семи штормов

GENRE: Animation
DURATION: 75mins
DIRECTOR: Vlad Barbe
CAST: (voice) Dmitry Nagiev, Yuri Stoyanov, Kiril Nagiev

Sinbad tells the story of a cheerful, young swashbuckling pirate who hasn’t had a successful venture in over a year. But fate smiles upon Sinbad when an old man shows him an ancient map and encourages him to sail to the Skeleton Island where lucrative treasures are hidden. The way to the Skeleton Island lies through the Sea of the Seven Gales. A battle with the Rope Monster and a meeting with his sworn enemy, Kesam, awaits Sinbad and his crew. When Sinbad and his crew eventually reach the mysterious island they realise that that it is filled with monsters and hidden challenges that they must conquer. This film is a great adventure for kids of all ages.


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