The Last Frontier (2020)

Подольские курсанты

Genre: War (Action)
Duration: 130mins
Director: Vadim Shmelev
Cast: Evgeniy Dyatlov, Artem Gubin, Lyubov Konstantinova, Igor Udin, Sergei Bezrukov, Alexei Bardukov

This historical action film tells the story of the Podolsk cadets’ heroic stand outside Moscow in October 1941. The cadets were sent to the Ilyinsky Line, fighting alongside units from the Soviet 43rd Army, to hold back the German advance until reinforcements arrived. Hopelessly outnumbered, the young men bravely put their lives on the line in a battle lasting almost two weeks. This film is not only about war. It is also about love, true camaraderie, and the journey of boys becoming men. Around 3,500 cadets and their commanding officers were sent to hold up the last line of defense outside Moscow. Most of them never returned.

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