Union of Salvation (2019)

Союз Спасения

Genre: Historic Epic
Duration: 136mins
Director: Andrei Kravchuk
Cast: Leonid Bichevin, Maksim Matveyev, Pavel Priluchny, Ivan Yankovsky, Anton Shagin

A lavish historical saga that tells the story of the Decembrists, young Russian noblemen who organized a revolt against the monarchy in December 1825. Directed by Andrei Kravchuk, the film tells of Tsar Nicholas I’s ascent to the throne. Several officers of the Russian Imperial Guard refuse to swear allegiance to the new Tsar and form a society known as the Union of Salvation of Army Officers. By 1825, they move to stage an uprising on Senate Square in Saint-Petersburg in the hope of transforming Russia into a Constitutional State.

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