Hard Labour Vacation

Genre: Comedy
Duration: 111 mins
Format: 35mm
Director: Igor Zaitsev
Cast: Sergei Bezrukov, Dmitry Dyuzhev, Yelena Babenko, Vladimir Menshov, Ludmila Polyakova
Facts: Russian Box Office Hit 2009 Festival Censorship Exemption : Children under the age of 15 to be accompanied by an adult

This vibrant family comedy tells the story of two escaped convicts who are forced to hide together in a young pioneers summer camp masquerading as camp leaders. Sumrak (Sergei Bezrukov) is a hardened criminal, having spent the better part of his life in jail. In contrast, Kol'tsov (Dmitrii Diuzhev) is a former policeman with strong moral convictions. Despite their innate hatred of one another, these two unlikely partners are forced to cooperate in order to maintain their disguise and to survive the children's pranks and the charms of the beautiful head teachers. They soon realise that life in prison is far easier than surviving summer camp and that maintaining control requires tough measures. In the best traditions of Soviet family comedy this is a fast-paced, hilarious romp that mixes melodrama, crime and romance with sparkling performances from two of Russia's best young actors.