Parental Guidance

Genre: Drama/Love-Story
Duration: 92 mins
Format: 35mm
Director: Andrei Kavun
Cast: Ljanka Grieu, Anna Starshenbaum, Dmitry Kubasov, Pavel Priluchniy, Alexei Gorbunov, Alexei Shevchenkov
Facts: World Premiere Russian Resurrection 2010

The tale of how four young people – two boys and two girls reach maturity. Yesterday's school kids, they are now entering a new life full of wonderful discoveries and brilliant opportunities. Novices in handling feelings and relationships, they throw themselves head first into experiencing how to love and lie, self sacrifice and betray, worship and destroy. The movie deals with such fundamentals as the human tendency toward bias and hurting the weak, and because the characters are caught somewhere between childhood and adulthood, it's easy to get emotionally involved in hoping for their redemption. Being a modern love story, Parental Guidance garners memorable scenes, classic one-liners and a hip, groovy and timeless soundtrack. Sophisticated and brutally realistic!

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