How I Ended This Summer

Genre: Drama/Thriller
Duration: 124 mins
Format: 35mm/Digital
Director: Aleksei Popogrebsky
Cast: Gregory Dobrygin, Sergei Puskepalis, Igor Czernyevics (voice)
Awards: Silver Bear for Best Actor, Artistic Achievement (Berlin Film Festival 2010), Nominated for Golden Bear Best Director (Berlin Film Festival 2010)

On a deserted Russian Arctic island, two men work diligently at a small meteorological station. Their task is to take regular readings from their partly radioactive surroundings and relay this crucial data on to headquarters via radio - their only bridge to the outside world. For a seasoned pro like Sergei, this job has become routine. His new work partner Pavel (Black Lightning's Dobrygin), is a bright-eyed grad student assigned to spend the summer at the station. One day Sergei leaves his post to go fishing and entrusts Pavel to do the readings and radio them to the headquarters as required, but the inexperienced Pavel misses the appointed reading time and falsifies the logs. Worse yet, there is terrible news for Sergei from HQ… Intimidated and uneasy, Pavel keeps quiet, unable to bring himself to pass on the information, but when the truth finally emerges, the terrifying consequences play out against an extraordinary backdrop. A truly mesmerising example of multi award-winning, new Russian cinema.

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