Lady Passenger

Genre: Romance Drama
Duration: 95 mins
Format: Digital
Director: Stanislav Govorukhin
Cast: Anna Gorshkova, Viktor Sukhorukov, Roman Madyanov, Sergei Nikonenko, Irina Pegova, Marina Orlova

1882. San Francisco. A beautiful Russian widow seeks to return home after her husband commits suicide. The Russian naval clipper Smelyi is sailing to Hong Kong and along with her maid she is offered safe passage and to make her more comfortable, the use of the captain's cabin. Women on board a naval vessel bode of ill fate! But this is the sumptuous world of the Belle Époque populated by sophisticated officers of impeccable manners and hard working jolly sailors dedicated to the Imperial Russian navy. This is the world of tradition, parasols, crisp white officer suits, languorous tea ceremonies, refined manners and barely concealed desires. The details of naval life are lovingly presented in this tantalizing sea yarn that examines what occurs in an all-male environment when interrupted by two attractive, modest and intelligent women. Every sailor is smitten and each one responds in strikingly different ways as they court the passengers. But two sailors lose control of their emotions risking their lives for the attention of their beloved...