Russia 88

Genre: Drama
Duration: 104 mins
Format: Digital
Director: Pavel Bardin
Cast: Pyotr Fyodorov, Kazbek Kibizov, Vera Strokova

Banned in Russia, this fusion of Romper Stomper, Romeo + Juliet and Man Bites Dog is an intense examination of skinhead culture, the growing xenophobic nationalism and the destructiveness of racism. Shot in a jolting, edgy handheld style by an often set-upon ‘half Jewish' teen, Abraham, as though a promotional documentary about a gang of Russian skinheads and their charismatic leader, Blade. Abraham's home-video footage follows the gang's exploits, treats their ideological views seriously, captures their training and wild parties and is intended to be distributed online as nationalistic propaganda. But when Abraham films Blade's sister romantically involved with a man from the Caucuses, all hell breaks loose. Inspired by the real xenophobia that has led to countless unsolved deaths of foreigners in Russia; this is raw, emotional and controversial filmmaking that makes a powerful political statement.