Genre: Arthouse Drama/Comedy
Duration: 100mins
Format: 35mm
Director: Vladimir Kott
Cast: Nikolai Dobrinin, Boris Kamorzin, Leonid Gromov, Evgeniya Dobrovolskaya


  • Best Film (XIX Festival of Russian Cinema in Honfleur, France)
  • Nominated Tiger Award (2011 Rotterdam International Film Festival)

Three childhood friends now in their forties (a policeman, a taxi driver and a surgeon) have lost track of each other over the past twenty years. They were at the peak of their success as members of a high school band called “Gromozeka”. All the girls had crushes on them and the teachers turned a blind eye to their antics because their songs were popular with the local communist party. But things change. The stories of three friends, their betrayals, love and ageing are told in a subtle parallel network narrative. Twenty years later the three friends meet again as they reunite for a performance at their graduation anniversary. These three men live their lives in parallel, unknowingly connecting, but doing their, often inept, best to deal with the hardships and moral dilemmas of life in contemporary Moscow. A powerfully simple story of ageing men told with great understanding and deliciously dark humour.

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