Genre: True Story/Sport Drama
Duration: 104mins
Format: Digital
Director: Andrey Malyukov
Cast: Sergei Bezrukov, Karen Badalov, Stanislav Boklan, Elizaveta Boyarskaya, Godehard Giese


  • Based on the true story of the “Death Match” featuring Dynamo Kiev, 1942.

The setting is Kiev during the Second World War when Hitler’s armies occupied the city. Based on a true story, Match revels in sporting genre conventions - from tense moments on the football pitch to gripping war and action, to passion, romance and drama.  The film is based on a football match that every Ukrainian knows: the "Death Match" of 1942, when players from Kiev's top club Dynamo Kiev trounced a team of Nazi occupiers.  Intertwined into the narrative is a tragic love story of star goalkeeper Nikolai (Bezrukov from Hard Labor Vacation) and his girlfriend Anna (Boyarskaya, The Admiral, Five Brides) whose relationship undergoes many challenges.  It is a story of courage which provides emotional insight into how politics can affect the purity of sport. It’s also a vision into the start of the war in Kiev and emphasizes the turmoil that the residents underwent.

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