The Horde



Genre: Historic Epic
Duration: 127mins
Format: Digital
Director: Andrei Proshkin
Cast: Maxim Sukhanov, Andrei Panin, Roza Hairullina, Alexander Yatsenko, Vitaly Hayev, Innokentiy Dakayarov


  • Winner Best Director & Best Actress (34th Moscow International Film Festival) (Nika Awards)

Set in the 14th century, half of Eurasia is occupied by the Golden Horde.  Europe waits in trepidation for its attack, anticipating the destruction of the Christian civilization. The Great Khan is killed by his brother, Janibek and their mother Taidula should now pass judgment: to persecute the conspirator or to bless him as the new leader. The film is guaranteed to satisfy the discerning filmgoers with director Andrei Proshkin having recently won the award for best director at the 34th International Moscow Film Festival. "The film Orda (The Horde), was produced with the support of the Russian Orthodox Church and is based on one of the episodes in the life of the Russian Orthodox Saint Aleksei of Kiev. This powerful film not only depicts the plight of the people during the rule of the Golden Horde but raises important questions of a spiritual nature, which makes this film, in my opinion, a must see for those viewers searching for a deeper cinematic experience." Metropolitan Hilarion, First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad

Distributor Hopsotch EOne.

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