The Flying Hussar’s Squadron

Эскадрон гусар летучих


Genre: Musical/Drama
Duration: 164mins
Format: Digital
Director: Nikita Khubov, Stanislav Rostotsky
Cast: Andrei Rostotsky, Marina Shimanskaya, Lidiya Kuznetsova

Classics Retrospective – 200 Year Anniversary Great Patriotic War 1812

Denis Davydov was a fearless and outspoken Russian soldier-poet-trouble maker. He became famous for organising and leading a small but remarkably effective partisan army in a daring assault against Napoleon’s forces that occupied Russia in 1812. Skilfully directing his brave hussars in tandem with the peasant detachments, he terrified the bewildered French army unaccustomed to the new guerrilla methods of warfare.  Davydov’s exploits and adventures became legendary during his lifetime causing not only the admiration of his friends but envy from high ranking rivals. Worshipped by Pushkin’s circle as a model romantic hero, the hothead Davydov became inventor of hussar poetry noted for its hedonism, the celebration of reckless valour, drinking and beautiful women. This romantic historical tale of swashbuckling adventure features songs based on Davydov’s poetry.